Our Approach Overview

Our Beliefs

We believe that all children are unique individuals who are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.

Our Goals

The goal of our programs are to build upon our beliefs about children. Our programs are designed to foster creativity and investigation in children, while helping them develop their own independence.

The 4 Pillars

Goals are accomplished with 4 foundation pillars of How Does Learning Happen? The 4 pillars are; Belonging, Well-being, Engagement, and Expression.

In here, I can express myself creatively, every day.

Amal, 3


Little Bright Stars Daycare has families that are from different backgrounds and cultures. We place a strong emphasis on including all kinds of families in our programs. Strategies to support interactions include:
• Respecting values and beliefs of different families and incorporating them in the program
• Having family pictures of children in the classroom
• Incorporating different cultural events in programming, such as Christmas, Eid, Diwali, and Easter etc
• Organizing classroom events to include families such as Christmas social and Graduation etc.
• Incorporating child care centre's inclusion policy to ensure that all children and families have a sense of belonging in the childcare centre

Little Bright Stars Daycare believes that communication in the cornerstone of our environment. We encourage strong communication between staff and parents. Daily communication takes place between staff and parents in the following ways:
• Face to face communication at drop off and pickup times  
• Communication through telephone
• Communication through emails
• Communication through newsletters


Little Bright Stars Daycare is a nut sensitive place. Our food is catered by Princess Pea Catering and is delivered fresh every day. Children are provided with a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. The food menu is rotated each week and consists of all food groups from Canada Food Guidelines. Children's allergies and food restrictions are accommodated and an up to date allergy list is posted in the centre.

Little Bright Stars Daycare places a strong emphasis on staff and children's health and safety. Safety of the environment is maintained through a monthly safety check. All maintenance issues are dealt with on a regular basis.

Both the Junior and senior playground are also maintained properly and are checked in the morning and afternoon for safety hazards. Playground is inspected monthly, seasonally and yearly to ensure that it is safe for children to use.


Little Bright Stars Daycare has families in the centre that come from different cultures and backgrounds. Staff members will provide an inclusive environment through:
• Activities that are age appropriate
• Activities and materials that are multicultural, and represents different families.
• Providing programmed activities and free play
• Including behaviour management strategies provided by parents and PIRS consultant

Little Bright Stars Daycare provides a play based environment for children which enables:  
• Children to take part in free play activity
• Teachers to implement small groups during the day
• Teachers to observe children and plan activities based on children's interests
• Teachers to setup classroom environment reflecting children's interests  
• Teachers to reflect and document children's learning


Staff members are encouraged and provided professional learning opportunities where they can learn and further enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of education. Programs supporting staff child interactions include:
• Professional Development workshops provided by Childcare Development Resource Connection Peel  
• Raising the Bar program
• College of Early Childhood Educators
• Monthly staff meetings
• Mentoring students
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