COVID-19 Update

The Ontario government has announced that licensed child care centres will be allowed to reopen starting June 12, 2020. Child care providers will need to meet health and safety guidelines before reopening.
Little Bright Stars is currently in the process of implementing safety measures to protect our children. Look to our website or our Facebook page for reopening updates in the coming days.

The Region of Peel has created a child care reopening page for families, highlighting how we are working with you to support the reopening of child care centres. This page provides information to address key questions families may have during this period. Click here to view this page now.

I meet up with friends and play all day.

Caitlin, 3

We are your child’s home away from home.

Financial help to those who need it.

Our partnership with the Region of Peel can help provide a subsidy for child care through eligibility.

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0 - 18 months

Babies that snuggle

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18 - 30 months

Walkers and talkers

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30 months - 6 years

Big kids on the block

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What our kids would say about our great programs.

I don’t know what mom does at work, but I hope it’s as fun as daycare.


“Everyone’s happy to see me in the morning. I like the structure of the daily routine. And the place is always tidy and clean. Our caregivers spend a lot of time making sure everything is in its place. Sometimes we even get to help. Apparently it helps us become more ‘independent’. I don’t know what that means yet, but it I do know how to say it.”


“We get to play a lot. Studies by big people show that play is a great way to learn. There are always new things to play with. There are cool puzzles and blocks to build anything we want. And I love listening to a good story before I have a nap.”


“Let me tell you about the delicious meals. I used to be a messy eater, but now I don’t want to waste anything because the food not only tastes good but it has a lot of important nutrients to help me grow and develop. Best of all, it’s been cooked by a princess. All I can say is yum.”
HiMama - Daycare app for parents and family members
Wondering what your kid is up to while in daycare? With HiMama you will always stay in the loop. You can send and receive messages from your center, and keep a close look on their learning process.
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