Toddler Room

18 months – 30 months

At Little Bright Stars each child’s individual needs are met by flexible scheduling, including indoor and outdoor activities. Developmentally appropriate activities foster the growth of self-help skills, language development, social awareness and positive, non-aggressive problem solving in each child. Similar to our infant program we use a developmental checklist as our program guideline for learning and development to ensure our toddlers are reaching developmental milestones.


• Fine Motor Skills

• Gross Motor Skills

• Physical Coordination

• Language Skills

• Social Interaction


As our toddlers learn to communicate and relate to their new found individualism, our educators will enhance the learning process by providing activities that encourage body movement, language acquisition and beginning social development. Our toddler classrooms are set up to allow the toddler to take an active role in their day-to-day routines which encourage toddlers to make choices relevant to their interest and at their individual development stage. Our toddler classroom provides a stimulating environment where the teachers work together in planning daily activities to meet the developmental goals of the children.



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